China Mobile Unveils "2030 + Vision and Demand Report" for 6G

In November, during the 2019 China Mobile Global partner Conference, China Mobile Research Institute along with the industry jointly released the "2030 + Vision and Demand Report" for 6G, which is the first 6G report for China Mobile.

The report mentioned, according to the development pace and iteration of technologies in the mobile communications industry, 6G is expected to be commercially available around 2030. "Innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing" should become a new development concept from 5G to 6G, and become the thoughtflow, direction and focus to promote the sustainable development of mobile communication network.

"4G changes life, 5G changes society". With the rapid penetration of 5G applications, new breakthroughs in science and technology, and deep integration of new technologies and communication technologies, 6G will derive new requirements at a higher level and produce brand-new application scenarios. 

The report release describes, if we say that the 5G era can realize the ubiquitous desirability of information, 6G should fully support the digitization of the whole world on the basis of 5G, and combine the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize the ubiquitous desirability of the intelligent and empower all things in an all-round way. 

The report forecasts that 2030 + will move towards the "digital twin" world of the combination of virtual and reality, and the whole world will generate a digital twin virtual world based on the physical world. information and intelligence can be transmitted between people and people, people and things, things and things in the physical world through the digital world. The twin virtual world is the simulation and prediction of the physical world, which will accurately reflect and predict the real state of the physical world, help human beings further liberate themselves, improve the quality of life and improve the efficiency of the production and governance of the whole society.

Around the overall vision, the future mobile communication network will give birth to new application scenarios such as wireless twin body area network, super traffic, intelligent interaction and synaesthesia Internet, create and enrich the intelligent life, intelligent production and intelligent society. These scenarios will put forward higher requirements for future mobile communication networks in terms of ultra-high peak rate, ultra-low latency, three-dimensional coverage, ultra-precision positioning and other performance indicators. At the same time, the new scenario will also put forward higher requirements for the service form, deployment and development of the network, and the network will further developing  with striking features such as flexible, self-evolving, autonomy and secure etc. on demand. 

Based on these characteristics, 6G network will be able to meet the new needs of 2030 + social development, and achieve the grand goal of "6G innovates the world".

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