China Mobile Helps to Open the 5G Remote Consultation System of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Emergency Hospitals

According to the people's Post and Telegraph, at the critical stage of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, China Mobile implemented the central corporate social responsibility, gave full play to its advantages in communications and information, and effectively helped fight the epidemic, reflecting China's speed.  

China Mobile completed the 5G remote consultation system with Huoshenshan Hospital on February 9. The 5G mobile medical vehicle enters the ward, realizes the video connection between the ward and remote experts, establishes multi-party, multi-disciplinary consultation, and provides remote psychological counseling and counseling service for patients. In addition, the medical cart realizes the real-time sharing of patients' medical records and images with remote experts through the 5G private network, making the diagnosis more convenient and efficient. 

On February 17th, China Mobile helped the PLA General Hospital to realize the business coordination of 5G remote B-ultrasound to Leishenshan Hospital. The doctor of the PLA General Hospital controls the handle to do ultrasonic examination for patients far away in the Leishenshan Hospital isolated area, the examination image is transmitted back synchronously with the patient's condition, and the real-time diagnosis is made, which has greatly helped the development of the front-line B-ultrasound examination. 

At 3: 00 a.m. on February 19, China Mobile successfully completed the construction of a 5G remote consultation system in three places between the PLA General Hospital and the Hubei "War Plague" hospital under the responsibility of the two armed forces. The image is clear, the sound is stable, and the medical record image transmission is complete!  Beijing and Hubei joined hands in a race against time and successfully completed the test, which won valuable time for the start of patient admission on February 19.  This is another arduous task accomplished by China Mobile after helping to realize the 5G telemedicine between the PLA General Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital.  

The telemedicine system allows medical staff in the front line of Wuhan to communicate face-to-face with medical experts from the Beijing PLA General Hospital 1200 kilometers away, and to obtain real-time treatment guidance or even hand-operated examination from remote experts.

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