Three Chinese Operators Have Deployed 198000 5G Base Sations So Far, with More Than 50Million Package Users

Since the license was issued on June 6 last year and the networks of the three chinese operators were officially launched on October 31, China's 5G network construction and development have pressed the "fast forward button". 

Wen Ku, director general of the Information and Communication Development Department, said at the news conference of the State Information Office on April 23 that by the end of March, 198000 5G base stations had been deployed across the country, with more than 50 million package users. "there are already more than 20 million 5G terminals that actually use 5G devices to connect to 5G networks." He said that the 5G terminal has also entered a stage of vigorous development. 

As of April 22, 96 5G mobile phone terminals had been licensed network entry, 57 more than that at the end of December last year. The price of 5G mobile phones has also fallen rapidly, and there have even been 5G mobile phones selling for less than 3000 yuan on the market. In addition, professional modules for commercial 5G, communication modules for mobile phones and modules for industrial production equipment have been launched, which can support the applications of 5G 8K TV, 5K industrial production line, smart transportation and other industries. At the same time, a number of 5G applications have begun to hit the ground, and ultra-high definition video, cloud games, AR, VR and other consumer areas are more widely used.  

The pilot demonstration of 5G in key areas such as vehicle networking, industrial Internet, and medical care has become more in-depth. Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, the implementation of 5G + telemedicine, intelligent medical robots, unmanned disinfection, distance education, online office and other applications have been accelerated, bringing a more intuitive 5G experience to the majority of users. 

"it is hoped that 500, 000 new 5G base stations will be built in 2020.  The  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology encourages enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain to strengthen coordination, optimize 5G R & D and testing, ensure the construction quality of 5G networks, promote the continuous maturity and improvement of stand-alone networking equipment, and speed up the transition from non-stand-alone  to standa-alone networking." He said. 

At the same time, the ministry will also support mobile phone companies to strengthen R & D and innovation, provide consumers with a wide range of cost-effective 5G mobile phones, promote telecom operators to gradually reduce the tariff level of traffic, credit purchase and other measures by optimizing package settings, and increase the promotion of the use of 5G+VR/AR, live events, games and entertainment, virtual shopping, etc., driving the rapid growth of 5G information consumption.

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