TDIA Annual Member Conference, Welcoming 2021 and Saying Bye to 2020

Welcoming the New Year and  Saying bye to the last year, the 36th Council meeting and 20th General Assembly of TDIA (Telecom Development Indusstry Alliance) were timely held this January. 

On January 8, 2021, TDIA successfully held the 36th Council meeting and the 20th General Assembly of the Alliance. Affected by the epidemic, the meeting was held online, and nearly 100 representatives of the council member companies  and other member companies attended the meeting. The meeting listened to the report of the Alliance Secretariat on the work of the Alliance in 2020 and discussed the work plan for 2021.  

Although in 2020,  the COVID-19 epidemic had a far-reaching impact on global industrial development, with the rapid development of China's 5G network deployment and commercial progress, the alliance has handled and carried out many tasks in the range of industrial development, international promotion, patent cooperation, vertical industry application etc., which persistently promoting the healthy development of 5G industry, industrial upgrading, application exploration of internet+ industry, and laying a good foundation for international cooperation. Especially,, the alliance took the new infrastructure as an enabling opportunity to accelerate the support from government departments at all levels for the 5G industry.  

The Alliance closely cooperated with the government, conducted in-depth research on enterprises' information and resumption of work and production, industrial chain damage evaluation and recruitment, overseas operations, enterprise R&D and market potential etc., timely fed back to relevant government departments, and timely communicated government policies to member enterprises. Thus the alliance has been smoothing the communication channels between the government and enterprises, which wins good reputation across member enterprises.   

The alliance focused on improving the development of weak links in the communication industry chain, conducting extensive research in the fields of test instruments, key components and key materials, promoting upstream and downstream cooperation in the industry chain, and participating in the work of the national 6G working group. In the past year, TDIA did a lot of work in government project guidance, policy recommendations, standard formulation,industrial application, marketing activities, industrial research and intellectual property rights consultation, which effectively promoted the development of the 5G industry across the member companies.

In 2021, the Alliance will continue to promote the healthy development of the 5G industry and create a good policy environment; continue to promote upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain, fill the gaps between the industries, promote industrial upgrading, improve the construction of industry data platform and consolidate the foundation of industrial research. The Alliance will input efforts on in-depth exploration of 5G industry applications,  favorable international cooperation and expansion, in the goal to create a favorable ecological environment for industrial development.   

TDIA invites all sectors of the industry to work together with us to promote the profound development of the mobile communication industry!

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