China's Three Operators 1H2020 Result, with 5G Capital Expenditure of 88 billion yuan and 5G Users Exceeding 100 million

According to the interim results of China's three basic telecom operators in 2020, the 5G capital expenditure of the three companies in the first half of the year 2020 was about 88 billion yuan (RMB), and the number of 5G package users of China Telecom and China Mobile reached 108 million.

China telecom announces the first half of 2020. In terms of infrastructure network, China Telecom continued to build and share 5G networks with China Unicom, investing 20.2 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and built and opened about 80,000 5G base stations, with nearly 210,000 5G base stations in use. According to China Mobile's financial report, by the end of June 2020, China Mobile had opened 188,000 5G base stations in more than 50 cities to provide commercial services. In the first half of the year, the capital expenditure related to 5G was 55.2 billion yuan, and the annual plan was about 105 billion yuan. China Unicom announced that the 5G capital expenditure in the first half of 2020 was about 12.6 billion yuan, and about 150,000 new 5G base stations were built and shared with China Telecom. By the end of June, China Unicom had accumulated about 210,000 available 5G base stations, of which China Unicom built more than 100,000 stations and achieved continuous coverage in more than 50 key cities.

According to the above disclosure, the 5G capital expenditure of the three telecom operators in the first half of the year totaled 88 billion yuan. According to the 2019 performance report, this year, the 5G capital expenditure plans of the three operators exceeded 180 billion yuan.

In line with the industry forecast, it is expected that the annual work target will be fully completed in September. China's 5G network construction is the fastest in the world so far. In terms of the number of users, China Telecom's 5G package users reached 37.84 million and China Mobile's 5G package customers reached 70.2 million. The two companies have reached 108 million in total.

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